Growth Strategy


Advice and insight from an experienced founder, board member and advisor to help your company grow.


With a reputation for being a company builder who rolls up his sleeves, David advises growth stage companies on how to overcome obstacles, manage risks and create momentum.

Having a hardworking, trusted board member or advisor on your side who knows the challenges that growth stage companies face — and can provide insight, analysis and guidance — can often make the difference between a company that succeeds and one that flounders.


There is no one set process, each company is unique. It’s a combination of energy, experience and a deep knowledge of how to work with boards, management and advisors that helps us achieve great things together.

Step 1:

  • Value proposition
  • Cap structure strategies
  • Budget analysis
  • Financing strategy
Growth Strategy


Step 2:

  • Business Plan
  • Financial forecast
  • Comp and equity incentive plans
  • Financing collaterals
Growth Strategy


Step 3:

  • Team building
  • Board building
  • Corporate partnering
  • Positioning for exit
Growth Strategy

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