Governance tools, templates and advice for building and operating a better Board.


Having served on over thirty private and public company boards and advised many more, David understands what it takes to achieve better board function. David helps develop and implement governance plans to help boards better serve their stakeholders.

Your board should not be a burden or a hindrance – it should provide value to your organization. Having someone who has been in the cross-hairs and understands not just process, but the practical side of making a board function, is a valuable asset to any organization.


Every company and organization is different and so are their boards. Understanding the needs and desires of the stakeholders, the executive and the board members is critical to building a governance strategy that will work for the organization. One size does not fit all.

Step 1:

  • Examining the board’s mandate and context
  • Reviewing the current governance practices
  • Identifying gaps and issues

Governance Strategy


Step 2:

  • Board policy and expectations
  • Board meeting templates
  • Role definitions for executive, board members and committees
  • Board compensation plans

Governance Strategy


Step 3:

  • Educate the executive and board
  • Ensure buy-in to the governance plan
  • Roll-out, advise and monitor
  • Adjust as needed

Governance Strategy